Unknown table engine ‘InnoDB’

If You are facing problem with Unknown table engine ‘InnoDB’ on to your mysql Database. You can do following to get rid of this problem.

First look at the ib_logfile0 and ib_logfile1 in /var/lib/mysql.

If they have been set to size different from the default, that probably will prevent mysqld’s startup. The default for innodb_lkog_file_size is 5M.

Add this in my.cnf

innodb_log_file_size = 12M

And then Proceed by doing following

/etc/init.d/mysql stop

mv /var/lib/mysql/ib_logfile0 /var/lib/mysql/ib_logfile0.bak # these are your
mv /var/lib/mysql/ib_logfile1 /var/lib/mysql/ib_logfile1.bak # log files

/etc/init.d/mysql start


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